The weekly, personalized practice videos are so helpful. It’s like having a piano teacher on call and I love that we can participate in lessons from the comfort of our home.
Jennifer, mom of 3 students, ages 6, 8, & 9

Personalized, virtual piano and guitar lessons have many benefits.

Here’s How We Can Serve Your Family.

I thought I would have to sacrifice progress to save on driving time, but that simply has not proven true. We are thrilled with M3 Creative Academy.
- Samantha, mom of 3 students, ages 7, 9, & 11
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Each lesson with M3 Creative Academy

- Seeks to build a life-long enjoyment of making music

- Is goal oriented and purposeful creating enthusiasm for learning

- Is personalized for each and every student

Going virtual with M3 Creative Academy gives students access to highly qualified teachers and the world’s best teaching methods. Utilizing technology increases the effectiveness of your child’s practice time and eases your schedule