Music Composition for Kids 1a (5 weeks)

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Music Composition for Kids 1a (5 weeks)


A 5-week online class for beginning students. In this class, students will learn to recognize notes on the treble clef, understand rhythm and notation, compose one and two part melodies. At the end of the 5 weeks students will have completed 23 composition assignments and composed many original melodies. Students will also have full access to create their own original scores. Qualified instructors will provide feedback on assignments and encouragement through out the class as your child explores creative ways of using music.

This class is designed for students ages 8 through late elementary. No music experience is required, but this class will enhance a students lessons and band experiences. 

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1a skills learned
- Treble clef notes (Middle C - High C, 1 Octave)
- Rhythmic notation (Whole, Half, and Quarter Notes)
- 4/4 time
- Learn how to write 1-part and 2-part melodies
- Complete well known classical melodies and rewrite songs that engage student interest.